Power cycle your devices the smart way

power cycle alexa smart plug

If you have a troublesome appliance that you have to power cycle often, this recipe will allow you to turn it off and back on again with your voice.

Power cycle your devices the smart way



  1. Set up your smart outlet by following the manufacturer's setup instructions
  2. In your smart outlet's app, name it appropriately. I'll name mine "damn cable box," because that's how I usually refer to it when I need to power cycle it.
  3. Enable the skill for your smart outlet to connect it to Alexa (for the TP-Link outlet, enable Kasa skill)
  4. Plug the outlet into the wall, plug your device into it, and switch the device on
  5. Speak the appropriate command to trigger Alexa to turn it on. "Alexa, turn on the damn cable box."
  6. If you ever need to power cycle the device, just say, "Alexa, turn off the damn cable box." Wait 10 seconds and then say, "Alexa, turn on the damn cable box."

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