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Don’t you love how you can get all of your favorite information in your Alexa Flash Briefing?


If you have an Amazon Alexa device, you’ve likely seen the Flash Briefing skill. Say, “Alexa, play my flash briefing,” and she will read the latest news from the sources that you’ve chosen in your Alexa app.


Wouldn’t it be cool if other people could subscribe to a flash briefing full of news about YOUR website, business, or organization?


You can actually make your own flash briefing skill!


Create your own flash briefing briefing for anything:

  • Make one for your child’s sports team that talks about upcoming games
  • Earn brownie points with your boss by making one for your office
  • Make one for your website that reads a teaser of your new posts.


Take a look at the one that I made for this website:


Be sure to add the “Smart Home Recipes” skill to your own flash briefing so you can hear what’s new on this site!


smart home recipes alexa skill make your own


It’s pretty easy to do. Here’s how:

Make your own Alexa Flash Briefing



  1. Follow the instructions here: Steps to create a flash briefing skill

  2. When you get to the "Add One or More Flash Briefing Feeds" step, you'll want to decide if you want Alexa to read a text file or if you'd like her to play an audio file of your own voice.

    If you would like to use your own voice, try using a SoundCloud account, which will generate an rss feed for you.

    If you want Alexa to read a text-based rss feed, there are numerous blogging platforms that will automatically create an rss feed for you. Be aware that Amazon requires that the feed originate from an https URL. You may also find that you need to strip your content of extraneous html tags and special characters such as apostrophes and brackets that Alexa may try to read aloud.

  3. After you've finished the rest of the steps, you will be prompted to submit the skill for certification. If you're only using this skill in your household to play a fun "family news flash briefing," you do not have to submit it for certification. If you would like anyone to have the ability to listen to your flash briefing, you have to submit it. In my experience, it's only taken a day or two to go through the certification process.

  4. After you've finished, just remember to update your rss feed on a regular basis so your listeners don't get bored with your news.

  5. Have fun! Feel free to leave a link to your own flash briefing in the comments.

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