Amazon Echo tips: Alexa and Siri can BOTH manage your grocery list

amazon echo tips - alexa and siri add to same grocery list

Don't you love how easy it is to add items to your Amazon Echo grocery list?


We have an Echo Dot in the kitchen and I love how my kids can add their grocery wishes to my grocery list while they are standing in the kitchen complaining that there’s "never anything to eat."

I say, “Well then... tell Alexa what you’d like me to buy next time."


Do you ever want to add to that same list whenever you're away from your Echo?


One of the best Amazon Echo features is the ability for everyone in your house to add items to your grocery list, but what if you want to add something to that same list when you’re away from home, away from your beloved Alexa?


Let Siri keep your list when Alexa is away


Never fear, you don’t have to actually TYPE the item into your list like a commoner. You’re better than that. You can make Siri add to the same list that Alexa uses.


In it's normal configuration, once someone adds an item to your grocery list (or shopping list, as Alexa calls it), you can access that checklist in the Alexa app and check items off as you purchase them. If you want to use a more robust list application, Alexa integrates directly with Todoist and Anydo. I prefer Todoist because of it’s simple, easy to understand interface and the integrations with IFTTT and Zapier.


In this Amazon Echo tip, you’ll see how you can use integrations with Todoist to make both Siri AND Alexa add to your shopping list.


This recipe assumes that you don’t already use the Reminders app for another purpose, since anything added to your reminders app will go to your Todoist grocery list

Recipe: Both Siri AND Alexa can manage your grocery list

1. Download the Todoist app from the app store

After it loads, sign up for an account

alexa app - settings - lists

2. Open your Alexa app

Go to Settings - Lists

link alexa to todoist

3. Click "Link" under Todoist

Follow the prompts to link Alexa to Todoist

alexa shopping list todoist

4. Alexa will create a shopping list in your Todoist account

Try it out if you’d like – tell Alexa to add an item to your grocery list and then check it in Todoist.

5. Sign up for an account at

Download / sign in to the iOS app if you haven’t already done so

6. Visit this link

This will take you to IFTTT, straight to the recipe for "Save new iOS reminders as a Todoist task"

Switch this applet to the “On” position

7. Switch this applet to the “On” position

Follow the prompts to link IFTTT to your Todoist account

select the same list that Alexa uses

8. Scroll to the “create task” section

Select the same list that Alexa uses


9. Now you can tell Siri to "add bread to my reminders list"

“Bread” will eventually go to your Todoist grocery list. Sometimes it can take up to an hour for IFTTT to trigger – it seems to work better if you have the IFTTT app running in the background on your phone.

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