Alexa Makes Your Morning Coffee

alexa smart plug coffee maker

You know what they say. The best part of waking up… is Alexa making your cup! You can put Alexa in charge of starting your morning coffee with this recipe.

Alexa Makes Your Morning Coffee



    Set up your smart outlet
  1. Enable the Alexa skill that corresponds to the specific type of smart plug that you have
  2. In the app for your smart outlet, name this outlet "Coffee Maker"
  3. Tell Alexa to turn the coffee maker off, using the correct terminology for your smart outlet. For example, with a WeMo outlet, just say, "Alexa, turn off my coffee maker."
    Set up your coffee maker
  1. Pur water into your coffee maker
  2. Put coffee and filter into your coffee maker
  3. Make sure to put the empty coffee pot on the warmer
  4. Plug the coffee maker in to your smart outlet and turn on the coffee maker. The plug should be off, so your coffee maker should not turn on.
    Make coffee
  1. In the morning, when you are ready for coffee, just tell Alexa to turn on the smart outlet. For example, "Alexa, turn on my coffee maker"

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